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FLY IT! (Full) camp takes place July 20-24 from 9am-12pm. This aerial camp focuses on all aspects of flight: rockets, airplanes, helicopters, parachutes, zip lines, and more. Campers will be involved in several hands-on learning activities throughout the week varying between individual and group competitions, games, experiments, projects, and flight challenges. Get ready to soar into some high flying fun! In the morning from 9am-12pm the camper will attend the FLY IT! Camp and in the afternoon from 12-3pm the camper will participate in general ed. activities. There are indoor/outdoor activities to choose from including but not limited to: water sports, arts & crafts, reading, sports & rec, team building, etc.

FLY IT! Full Week

  • FLY IT! camp is great for all ages with activities suitable for the young and older campers. During FLY IT! campers will literally be able to watch their very own projects test the limits of gravity.

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