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Fashion Design camp (Full) takes place July 20-24 from 9am-12pm. Fashion Design is a globally celebrated skill. This workshop is tailored for all age groups and ends with a Fashion Show! Students will be introduced to multi-cultural fashion lessons and activities including: handmade hairbands (Cat Ears, Minnie Ears, Unicorn Horns, Etc.) tie-dye, drawing cloths, cross-stitching, simple jewelry making, & learning how to make accessories. In the morning from 9am-12pm the camper will attend the Fashion Design Camp and in the afternoon from 12-3pm the camper will participate in general ed. activities. There are indoor/outdoor activities to choose from including but not limited to: water sports, arts & crafts, reading, sports & rec, team building, etc.

Fashion Design Full Week

SKU: FullFashion
  • Our Head Teacher will be combing graphic design and fashion trends to help teach the campers proper skills. We encourage all children to participate in this opportunity for design.

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