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3D World camp takes place July 20-24 from 9am-12pm. Enter the exciting world of 3D and find out what it all has to offer. When traveling to this world you will experience the 3rd dimension creating fun and exciting 3D art along the way. Watch as your very own artwork comes to life! In the morning from 9am-12pm the camper will attend the Fashion Design Camp and in the afternoon from 12-3pm the camper will have indoor/outdoor activities to choose from including but not limited to: water sports, arts & crafts, reading, sports & rec, team building, etc. With this package you are allowed to attend 3 days of camp. Pick any 3 days Monday-Friday.

3D World PK3

SKU: PK3DWorld
  • 3D World activities may include but not limited to: creating your own 3D glasses, interactive 3D art and backgrounds, 3D pop-up books, 3D games and competitions, plus more. Can't wait to see you in another dimension.

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