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About Scholar AthELITE

Mission   *   Why   *   Unique

The Mission is in the name Scholar AthELITE. This camp takes a holistic approach which will create lasting life experiences. By engraining the value of education, arts, and athletics your child will develop both scholar and athletic behaviors and habits that will stay with them for a lifetime.


Why choose Scholar AthELITE Summer Camp? Children need to have opportunities that can help shape their lives. That’s what we want to supply; an opportunity for them to divulge in whatever they take interest to.


We are Unique in the fact that we offer a wide variety of choices in camps. Enroll in the camps that fit your individual campers needs and interests. Choose from the wide variety of schedules we offer.


We bring in skillfully trained coaches and teachers to lead each camp.


We want ALL our Campers to be true Scholar AthELITEs!!!

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